Nonprofit Political Social Network

Like many people in 2016, the political environment in the US caught me by surprise. Its combative and disrespectful tone, both online and off, led me to the creation of TrueCenter. I wanted to build a nonprofit social network that could bring people to the center to find common ground without a profit motive.
I focused on the idea that transparency would bring us together. There were enough stories of fake news and echo chambers to convince me that they were the real problem clouding the minds of most citizens.
I believed all users' leanings could be identified based on their interaction with the network. So, their "leaning" would be based on user positive or negative interaction after they originated in the center.
Data for the initial leaning was going to be seeded from a massive study to align survey questions with left or right leaning politics.
Part of the marketing website. Many studies have identified that the best way to bring people together on divisive issues is to get them to meet in person. TrueCenter would focus on local Meetups.
Coded design
Desktop view of the home page. While the app would clearly be mobile focused, this desktop design reveals some of the major features.
Coded design
Detail view of a post with subsequent interactions.
Coded design
The design, as viewed by someone labeled as Far Left. My hypothesis was that most people consider themselves centrist and don't know where their beliefs truly fall on the spectrum. I hoped that revealing this score to the users would help them temper their bias.
Coded design
The design, as viewed by someone labeled as Far Right.
Coded design
After 2016, social networks like Twitter and Facebook started taking a more proactive stance towards eliminating fake news, outside influence, and harassment. But more important than that, my research into cognitive psychology's effect on political beliefs and studies about the whiplash (counter-productive) effect of telling people their bias led me to the conclusion that TrueCenter would have had a negative effect on our political dialogue.
I know how to bring designs to life. My coded designs are detail-oriented and literally save partners tens of thousands on front-end development.
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