Headless CMS

In 2013, Contentful had just finished YCombinator and reached out to me to help them design the next version of their headless CMS. At this point, the team had only five people and showed modest (but promising) growth.
I designed three different approaches to their product, relying on the core set of features they identified. The team worked together to identify which showed the most promise and I continued to improve the design, eventually helping the lead engineer implement it in their codebase.
My front-end experience came in handy, as I could help the team implement the designs exactly.
I also worked with Contentful to establish their new brand and marketing collateral, much of which is still in use today.
We relied on tried-and-true UX patterns for working on a list of items, with some specific adjustments to best suit their headless CMS approach.
Coded design
Six years later, Contentful has become a massive player in the headless CMS space. Now located in Berlin and San Francisco, they are a team of two hundred employees from forty-five countries. Because of their massive growth, they just raised a $33.5M Series D.
I know how to bring designs to life. My coded designs are detail-oriented and literally save partners tens of thousands on front-end development.
Other Case Studies