One-Click SaaS Metrics

Baremetrics is a leading analytics provider for businesses that generate recurring revenue (SaaS). I worked with their founder, Josh Pigford, on a number of previous projects and I was brought on to help them evolve their core product.
In 2015, I used a code-first approach to design important new features that would help differentiate Baremetrics from competitors. These new features provided a bigger moat and helped users generate deeper insights about their businesses.
While my initial work was focused on the product, I would eventually write, design, and code Baremetrics' marketing website.
Baremetrics main dashboard. I refined the UI to have consistent structure, styles, and interactions.
Coded design
Dunning (revenue recovery) feature. I created the entire UX from scratch via a coded prototype with little outside direction.
Coded design
Each metric had its own breakdown. As part of this design, I redesigned the datepicker control, which Baremetrics open-sourced. To date, it has been starred by over six hundred developers.
Coded design
Sales dashboard for qualifying leads. Baremetrics collected valuable data about each user's business. I came up with the design for converting these leads into customers.
Coded design
The Lead detail screen, where a user could find specific contact information for the company and rank it accordingly.
Coded design
When I joined Baremetrics, they were making $30K in monthly recurring revenue (Baremetrics openly publishes their revenue). During six months, that spiked to $45K, which represented 50% growth. The six months previous to my involvement generated about 35% growth. Today, they're generating over $100K in monthly recurring revenue.
I know how to bring designs to life. My coded designs are detail-oriented and literally save partners tens of thousands on front-end development.
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