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As a member of the Servo partnership, I created everything from concept, copy, strategy, and design for Sort's responsive marketing website.

We had to show the thought process behind our product and help tell the story of a new research process, one which leverages technology intelligently. Sort is a new idea, one that needs a thorough and approachable explanation. To date, Sort has received over 300 signups for our product waiting list.

Sort Marketing Website
Fully Responsive

We think it's important to provide all of the value of the wider website on smaller screens. With this in mind, you can do and learn everything you can with the wider implementation.

Sort marketing website website on mobile device


After working with the ChargeSmart team on a mobile payments platform, they were acquired by VeriFone and tasked with working on SAIL, VeriFone's new mobile payment offering.

I was the sole design resource for SAIL's marketing website, web dashboard, iPhone app and iPad app. I worked closely with the SAIL team to meet weekly objectives and create a consistent brand experience that was usable and helped VeriFone explore the mobile payments space.

In late 2012, CapitalOne acquired the SAIL business unit. The user experience that I designed is still in effect in the rebranded CapitalOne's SparkPAY.

SAIL Website
iPad & iPhone App Design

I designed the iPhone and iPad apps to be able to handle a number of use cases, including: taking credit cards, taking cash, creating inventory, redeeming offers, accepting signatures, and sending receipts.

SAIL iPad and iPhone App Design


While living in Berlin, I was approached by a talented team with a great vision for the future of content management. We helped Contentful establish its branding, marketing website, and most importantly, product interface.

For the marketing and product websites, we followed a progressive process that had us starting with style tiles and designing in the browser. I used SASS and HAML with Compass as a preprocessor to create a flexible codebase that would allow Contentful to modify their product quickly and easily to include new features.

Contentful product UI
Responsive Marketing Site

Contentful having a responsive marketing site was a no-brainer. They're wonderful product helps people maintain their content across any media or platform.

Responsive Marketing Site


The team at Temper had a great idea but a marketing presence and product experience that were struggling to find an identity. I worked closely with the team to refine their messaging and product flow, as well as visual design for each.

For this project, we didn't have the timeline to make everything responsive, so I focused on a desktop-width interface that was modern, accessible, friendly, and easy to use. The dashboard saw a dramatic improvement: with ratings easier to find and trends being easier to decipher.

Temper Website
Marketing Site

We needed to grab people's attention quickly and get them to sign up for a free trial. I chose bold colors and impactful typography to get the benefits of Temper across quickly and with positivity.

Temper Marketing Site Design


Sort is a tool to help small teams research more efficiently. Most research tools simply provide a digital warehouse for you to drop links, files, or PDFs. We think there is a better way to do that, a way that rewards valuable content and brings it to the forefront.

I worked diligently with my partners at Servo to define the problem, approach, and interface for the first version of Sort. Version one allows users to create questions, bring in research material, discuss it, and make important conclusions. We have plenty of plans to expand the feature set so Sort becomes an invaluable tool for almost any business.

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Sort Product Design
Flexible width interface

We have a long-term strategy for the product that involves apps for iOS and Android. Before we have the resources for that effort, we needed a flexible interface that accomodated anything from 1000px to 2000px wide.

Sort on an iPad

ChargeSmart Mobile

A startup from the bay area approached me to redesign their marketing website in an effort to attract attention from a big player in the payments space. Their team had important meetings coming up and wanted to make a good impression.

I cleaned up their interface with clearer messaging and a more direct call to action. I tried to instill a sense of professionalism and a forward-thinking approach to the mobile payments space. A primary objective was to get users to successfully sign up for the service on any device.

Soon after this responsive redesign effort, ChargeSmart Mobile was acquired by VeriFone, representing a big win for everyone on the team.

ChargeSmart Mobile Website
Responsive Website

Their responsive website was able to easily guide users through the signup process and get them using the application quickly. Mobile signups went through the roof as a result of these optimization efforts.

ChargeSmart Mobile Design

District Consulting

This client had a love for minimal design but no firm idea of how that could translate into their own website. I stepped them through the information gathering process that helped them work through the loose thoughts they had put together around their company's brand. We worked together to determine the attitudes that District Consulting wanted to exude and came up with: confidence and professionalism.

I designed the site by starting from a minimal base and building out more unique elements only when they were absolutely necessary to the clarity and usability of the site.

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District Consulting Website

Secure Retirement

I've got a long ways to go until I find the greener pastures of retirement. Luckily, that didn't seem to deter Spoke Marketing from asking me to work on a site that helped raise awareness for the services that SRR had to offer.

We sought to create an aesthetic that focused on assuring near-retirement-age folks that SRR professionals were the most reliable team to help them usher in their golden years.

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Secure Resources Website

As is probably apparent, I put a lot of thought into the solutions I come up with. That can be even more difficult when trying to represent myself as a designer.

I constructed a personal logo that hopefully plays into the effect my design solutions have on my clients. I want to be able to open doors for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Design can empower people to get more out of their efforts. That's the goal I set for myself every day. Website


My name is Chris Meeks and I run HatBox, which works with clients to build websites, mobile sites, and apps. I've been designing for the web since 2004 and take on projects of all sizes. I also employ specialized developers on occassion so that I can best serve my clients.

Designing interfaces for all devices
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My office is in south Austin

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