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We're an Austin-based design company that partners with the best.

Djed is aiming to be the best family productivity app in the world. We joined as creative directors at an early stage and helped lead them through successful fundraising and product design and development.
Contentful is a promising startup from Berlin that’s building a future-friendly approach to content management. We partnered with them to create their brand, marketing site and product design. Since that time, they’re grown from a company of 4 to a company of 30.
We worked with ChargeSmart, a small payments startup that VeriFone soon acquired. That group was tasked with developing VeriFone’s mobile payments software. We were responsible for all UX, product design, marketing, and HTML/CSS. The product we helped build was then acquired by Capital One and is still in use today.
Grasshopper is a best-in-class phone management solution for small businesses. A founder partnered with us on a variety of projects, one of which was an iOS app to scan and share documents. Grasshopper was just acquired by Citrix.
We’ve also worked with